A team of false police officers who scoured the Paris region was arrested in the act, during a false confinement check. At least seven victims are said to have been robbed of several thousand euros by the thugs, who took advantage of this moment to take their money and precious goods.

After several weeks of investigation, the Departmental Security of Seine-et-Marne put an end to the actions of a team of Iranian thieves who scoured the Paris region since the beginning of confinement, in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. Masquerading as plainclothes police, they allegedly intercepted motorists, preferably targeting foreigners, and took advantage of the control of their displacement certificate to steal their money and precious goods.

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The first complaint was lodged on April 7 by Polish truck drivers, checked in Seine-et-Marne on the N104. The false police presented them with police cards and badges, searched their belongings and stole 1,500 euros in cash. The same day, with the same operating method, they stole 3,100 euros from a Sri Lankan who was traveling in Garges-lès-Gonesses in the Val-d'Oise.

Arrested in flagrante delicto

Thanks to video protection, the investigators spotted two vehicles used by the same team on March 24, in Champigny-sur-Marne, during an attempted theft on a Chinese woman, then on April 15 in Aubervilliers on a Thai man, thus dispossessed of 5,000 euros.

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More than 12,000 euros in cash seized

Following an important work on telephony, the Seine-et-Marne departmental security managed to "house" the false police in a house in Seine-Saint-Denis rented on Airbnb. Placed under surveillance, three criminals were arrested in the act on April 28 in Noisy-le-Sec in Seine-Saint-Denis. A few hours earlier, in Louvres in Val-d'Oise, they had stolen 3,000 euros in jewelry during an inspection. They are suspected of at least two other attacks, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris for a booty of 12,500 euros and in Vitry-sur-Seine where they allegedly stole a bank card.

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The search of their home made it possible to seize more than 12,000 euros in cash and to arrest an accomplice, also of Iranian nationality. One of the criminals was already known to justice for similar facts. Two others were known for other thefts in Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. The suspects will be tried Monday in Meaux in immediate appearance for aggravated theft.