[Gohyunjun's news bulletin]


It is the time for Gohyunjun's news bulletin to pick out the topical news. What's the first news on Monday?

<Hyunjun Go / Critic Review> In the

United States, where more than 900,000 corona19 confirmed patients, robots are being put into the medical field to help medical staff.

Robot dogs and spots are being piloted at Brigham Women's Hospital in Massachusetts, USA.
In the United States, patients who are currently suspected of corona19 need to line up in an out-of-hospital care tent to answer questions from medical staff and measure body temperature. Five medical staff are needed for this very high risk of virus exposure.

So, the robot head was equipped with a tablet PC and a two-way radio, allowing medical staff to video chat with the patient through the tablet PC.

The risk of medical staff's exposure to viruses has been greatly reduced, and it is possible to solve the problem of insufficient personal protective equipment.

Robot dogs have been active in the medical field for the past two weeks, and will be used for remote diagnostic tests and disinfection in the future.

Researchers say they are currently looking for ways to use equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and UV sterilizers mounted on robots.

<Anchor> It

's also a very worrying part about how the job relationship between robots and humans will be solved, but I think it would be a good idea to make a concession if it's dangerous or difficult. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyunjun Go / Critic critic>

This is the next news. China made a music video promoting the cooperation with the Philippines in relation to Corona 19, and it is under intense criticism by Filipino netizens.

A music video titled 'One Sea' produced by the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines was released two days ago on YouTube.

The Chinese ambassador to China, known for writing lyrics, explained that the music video is dedicated to the Chinese and Filipino people who devoted themselves to the Corona 19 fight, especially for the Chinese medical team sent to the Philippines.
However, as soon as it was released, many Filipino netizens were furious. Currently, there are more than 17,000 likes on the video, but more than 130,000 dislikes.

Local media analyzes that the title of one sea aroused anger's anger, and the West Philippine and Chinese standards mean that China, which had disputed the sovereignty in the South China Sea, still interprets it over the Philippine Sea.

China has forcibly seized the Scarborough Reef in the Philippines' exclusive economic zone in 2012, followed by military bases such as the construction of missiles and the deployment of missiles on the Misschief Reef. I made a music video at the embassy of


, and the ambassador is writing lyrics and I think you will be very busy. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyun Joon Jun / Critic Review> The

following was the news of a fox that was captured in downtown Cheongju last month, but it was confirmed that this fox was not a native but a North American fox.

The Ministry of Environment received a report that they saw a fox at Jochiwon in Sejong City on the 22nd of last month and tracked the foxes with researchers at the National Park Service.

Then, on the 29th of last month, after capturing the fox that reappeared in downtown Cheongju, the genes were analyzed. As a result, it was confirmed that it was a North American fox, not a Korean fox designated as the first class of endangered wildlife.
North American foxes do not fall under the internationally endangered species, such as endangered species, but if they are released into the wild, they are concerned about genetic variation due to crossing with foxes in Korea and competition for habitat and food. It is becoming.

Although the influx route of North American foxes has not been identified, it is estimated that it may have been abandoned due to the recent case that North American foxes have been brought in from overseas via SNS.

An official from the Ministry of Environment said that it is planning to provide the best way to find and protect the North American fox from a comfortable refuge. It will also improve the system to prevent the indiscriminate inflow of wild animals.