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TOEIC test, which is essential for employment, was held again in two months. Again, I sat down wide and put on the latex gloves I gave and tried, but there was a lot of luck.

Reporter Kim Sang-min has been here.

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examinees wearing masks are tested for fever at a distance of 1.5m.

[You must stand one minute on the green line.] In the

midst of Corona 19, the TOEIC test, which ended on February 29th, was held again at more than 100 presidents nationwide.

It is a test taken after alleviating social distance, but I have no choice but to pay more attention to quarantine.

Latex gloves were handed out to each candidate, and the number of seats per chairperson was increased from 25 to 20, increasing the gap.
Can we have some schools feared the outbreak refused to place offers test center is somewhat lines, but

Test takers: because there is no test center in Incheon was starting, holding about half an hour to come (to Seoul)

not reporting rounds cave early last Tests If you think about two months, the job preparation students are still happy.

[Oh Hyun-young / Gwangjin-gu, Seoul: I'm very glad to see you resume this time when you have to look at the mock TOEIC alone or prepare it like that… .] Although

some qualification tests have been resumed and various employment schedules including public institutions have been continuously rising, it is not enough to relieve the anxiety of job candidates.

[Employment junbisaeng: Compared to last year, I think a lot of people now, Bond does not greatly look forward to (the preparation) almost never rises one reluctantly]

Here are some exam schedule is the subject one just days ahead of change or being postponed Indefinitely As work happens, the minds of job seekers are burning.

(Video coverage: Sungil Kim, Jaeyoung Lee, Video editing: Seunghee Lee)