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police are investigating the fact that MBC reporters have paid the entrance fee to the doctor's room, the shared room of the Telegram Castle operated by Jo Joo-bin. MBC said that the reporter was excluded from work and started a fact investigation.

Reporter Hong Young-jae reports.


Police confirmed that MBC reporters were included among telegram users who sent admission fees to virtual doctors in the doctor's room operated by Joo-Bin Cho. 

Earlier this month, we seized and searched 20 cryptocurrency exchanges and purchasing agencies, and it was confirmed that Mr. A sent a 700,000 won admission fee to Joobin's account last February.

At the time, Jo Joo-bin ran a sexual exploitation room, and received a lot of 1.5 million won to enter paid members.

Mr. A is known to have denied the charges, saying he was only trying to enter the doctor's room to cover the company.

[Wang Jong-myeong / MBC News Desk Anchor: The reporter admitted that he had remitted 700,000 won for the purpose of covering the MBC's first investigation, stating that the operator could not finally access the toll room by requesting additional identification. ]

MBC issued an admission statement and said, "Mr. A has been excluded from the interview." If the suspicion is confirmed and the facts are confirmed, we will take reasonable measures. "

The police will investigate whether Mr. A shared information such as reporting the report to MBC and reporting the report, and whether the admission fee was processed normally by public funds. 

However, it was reported that Mr. A's cell phone seizure search warrant filed by the police was dismissed at the prosecution stage and has not yet secured Mr. A's cell phone.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young)