▲ Announcement of suspension of the service

Distance education platforms provided by educational authorities on the 16th, the second online school day of elementary, middle, and high schools nationwide are causing delays in access.

According to the education department on the morning of this day, the 'e-learning site' of the Learning Management System (LMS) provided by the Korean Education and Research Information Service (KERIS) under the Ministry of Education is very slow or difficult to access in some areas as of 9 am.

Students were sent out to social networking services (SNS) "E-learning site server burst", "E-learning site failed to send text message to self-study until recovery", "Can't check attendance" "I poured out complaints.

The e-learning site is used by teachers to create online classrooms to share learning materials and check video attendance and attendance.

An official from KERIS explained, "I divided servers by region, but there was a brief login delay on the servers in Seoul and Daegu."

'Woo Doo Rang', a class management platform provided by KERIS, is not currently accessible.

Widurang is mainly used as a reminder function, such as announcing assignments, and some teachers use it to check attendance at remote classes.

An official from KERIS said, "We have something to check, so we closed it for a while to check it, and the problem will be solved in the morning." Said.

Although the EMS online class, an LMS provided by EBS, has relatively good access, sites such as 'EBS Elementary', 'EBS Junior High School', and 'EBS High School' that provide lecture videos are a bit slow.

An EBS official said, "We are still monitoring and there are no problems so far."

A total of 312,000 students in the first and second grades of high schools across the country, the first and second grades of junior high schools, and the fourth and sixth grades of elementary schools opened online on the 16th.

On the 9th, the total number of 860,000 middle and high school students who first started online on the 9th is approximately 3.98 million.

(Photo = readers provided, Yonhap News)