An actor who threatened to leak personal information after hacking a cell phone of actors Joo Jin-mo and other entertainers was caught.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Cyber ​​Safety Division announced on the 10th that it arrested and sent two prosecutors to the prosecution last month, including Park Mo (40), who is suspected of violating or blackmailing laws related to promoting the use of information and communication networks and protecting information.

Park and others were found to have been handed over to the prosecution under arrest.

They are threatening to leak personal information by hacking the cell phones of five victims, including Joo Jin-mo and celebrities, and asking for money and money.

Earlier, Joo Jin-mo said that after being hacked into a cell phone, she was asked to pay for her personal privacy.

Since then, text messages between Joo Jin-mo and other famous actors believed to have been hacked in social networking services (SNS) have rapidly spread in the form of capture screens, causing controversy.

Police are expanding the scope of the investigation to see if there are more people involved in the crime besides Park.

A police officer said, "We continue to investigate foreign actors through international cooperation."

The police also arrested two people, including Mr. Moon (39), charged with washing money received from a victim of 'body cam phishing' and receiving money from foreign victims, and handed him over to the prosecution in jail.

Body cam phishing refers to a crime that threatens to disseminate a victim's indecent acts through Kakao Talk video calls and distribute them to acquaintances, and demands money and money.

The gang caught by the police are said to have nothing to do with Jo Joo-bin, 24, a 'doctor' who was arrested on charges of intimidating women to produce and distribute sexual exploitation.

It is known that Mr. Cho said in the past that he was referring to the incident of Joo Jin-mo in the doctor's room, but the police said, "Joe and celebrity hacking are not related."

(Photo = Yonhap News)