After hacking the cell phones of famous celebrities such as actors Joo Jin-mo and Ha Jung-woo, two of the threatened gang members were caught by the police. Eight people were threatened, and five of them were found to have been taken over 600 million won.

Reporter Han Sang-woo was interviewed.


In January of this year, a photo of the actor Joo Jin-mo's ID card and the contents of the conversation on SNS with private life were leaked.

Joo revealed to the police that someone had hacked his cell phone at the time and asked for money, and asked the police to investigate.

Within three months of the investigation, two men, including Park Mo, a man in his 40s, were arrested. From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, they hacked the cell phones of eight celebrities including Ha Jung-woo and Joo Jin-mo and threatened to leak personal information.

Three out of eight did not send money, but all five reported that they sent 610 million won to the gang.

The police confirmed that the main culprit ordered the crime was Chinese, and they sought assistance from local Chinese investigative authorities.

They were also found to have stolen money from the public by using the so-called 'body cam' video that secretly shot the body.

The police also arrested two people, including Mr. Moon, who washed the money received from the victims of the body cam video and sent it overseas, and handed it over to the prosecution.

Dr. Joo-Bin Joo-bin, a prosecutor in the doctor's room, once claimed the case of Joo Jin-mo in the telegram, but the police say the arrested party has nothing to do with Joo-bin.

(Video editing: Seunghee Lee)