A link on the Forum for Democracy (FVD) website lets Facebook know which visitors are joining the political party, Brandpunt + reports Wednesday. The so-called Facebook pixel registered which visitors view the FVD website and make a purchase.

This purchase concerns a membership of FVD. Companies and organizations can normally use such a Facebook pixel to see how effective their online advertisements are, because the pixel makes it possible to measure how many purchases an advertisement has yielded.

The link with Facebook is only made if a visitor accepts the placing of cookies on the FVD website. The cookies were also placed due to an error before a user gave permission, but that has been restored after questions from Brandpunt + , FVD spokesperson Tom Gorny tells the platform.

Gorny was not immediately available on Wednesday for questions from NU.nl about the motives of FVD to place this Facebook pixel.

According to Brandpunt + , FVD is the only party in the House of Representatives that shared data about memberships with Facebook.