When you go to Jeju around this time, you can easily see these yellow rape flowers, but even these spring gifts are disappearing because of the plague that has struck the whole country. Even if I told you not to come, people came to see the flowers, and in the end, Seogwipo City replaced the rapeseed field, which was chosen as a beautiful road in Korea.

This is reporter Hyo-Hyung Lee from JIBS.


Four tractors are busy on the yellow rape field.

Rapeseed flowers sucked into the tractor are scattered and shattered.

This is where Jeju Rape Flower Festival was held every year.

This year, even though the festival that had visited nearly 200,000 people was canceled due to the Corona 19 incident, the visits by mourners and tourists continued.

On the weekend, about 1,000 people gathered, and Seogwipo City eventually decided to replace the rape field.

[Jung Yoon Soo / Gashiri Jang, Seogwipo City: I couldn't even hold a festival and shredded like this, so not only me but all the villagers are very sad and upset.]

It was a place full of yellow rapeseed flowers a while ago, but now all of them have been overturned and left a desolate appearance.

9.5 hectares of 10 soccer fields have disappeared in half a day.

Around the Rapeseed Flower Plaza, 10 km of Noksan-ro Rapeseed was selected as one of the top 100 beautiful Korean roads.

Residents of this village have been preparing for the festival since September of last year, but 30% of the residents are elderly and a few days ago, the mother and daughter of a Gangnam-gu international student became known and decided to demolish the rape field.

As the social distance to prevent the spread of Corona 19 became loose, even the rape blossom square, which is Jeju's spring spot, has disappeared.

(Video coverage: Kang Myung-cheol JIBS)