In her opinion, the coronavirus vaccine will appear in a year and a half.

“This is not the first time we have coronavirus, before that there were two epidemics of coronavirus infections, and their consequences were more terrible. Then the doctors quickly worked out and sufficiently studied both varieties of the virus in terms of developing a vaccine. The medicine was not launched into production just because the activity of the viruses themselves was nullified, ”she said in an interview with the TV channel“ Star ”.

The specialist added that a pandemic can go the way of self-destruction, when the number of cured people begins to exceed by a multiple the number of newly ill.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia, with the participation of scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, three promising vaccines for coronavirus infection COVID-19 are being developed.

Professor of the Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums named after I.I. Mechnikov RAMS Mikhail Kostinov in an interview with URA.RU told how to protect yourself from coronavirus.