Bigger and brighter, the pink Super Moon lit up the sky - 20 Minutes

Big, but not really pink. Tonight, the "Pink Super Moon" shone in the sky. Impressive by its size, it is the result of two phenomena: its distance from the Earth and its lunation.

Located between 356,000 km and 406,000 km from Earth from one month to the next, specifies the Paris Observatory, the Moon was, Tuesday evening, as close to our planet. It was also over 99% full.

The pink of the cherry blossom

The “Pink Super Moon” is, despite its name, far from being pink. It is so nicknamed because of the period in which this singularity occurs, which coincides with the appearance of the pink flowers of the cherry trees.

For those who missed it, don't panic: a “Super Moon” should also take place next year.

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