The La Riviera de Mougins nursing home in the Alpes-Maritimes now has 34 resident deaths due to Covid-19. The retirement home has indeed recorded three new deaths in the last 48 hours.

Thirty-four of the 109 residents of the La Riviera de Mougins nursing home died of Covid-19, after three new deaths registered in the last 48 hours in the establishment, where 33 other residents tested positive for the disease, a- we learned from the Korian group on Tuesday.


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Of the 75 surviving residents tested on Monday, according to the group, "33 are positive, 23 are negative and 19 are inconclusive, that is, they may suggest a suspicion of Covid without being positive."

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"With regard to these 19 inconclusive tests, on the recommendation of the ARS, three separate sectors will be set up within the establishment, one for residents tested negative, one for residents tested positive and symptomatic, one for residents tested positive but asymptomatic and for residents tested inconclusive, each in a different wing, "Korian said.

Each of these waterproof sectors will have its own dedicated healthcare team, explains Korian, who will set up this organization from Thursday.

Staff tested positive

Staff tests had revealed on Monday that 14 of the 50 people working in this establishment, one of the four retirement homes in Mougins, were also positive at Covid-19. A family of one of the victims filed a complaint against X for endangering the lives of others and the public prosecutor's office in Grasse opened an investigation.

All of the deaths have occurred since March 20, just over two weeks.

According to the Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur Regional Health Agency, 48 people have died from Covid-19 in hospitals in the Alpes-Maritimes since the start of the epidemic.