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Ana Rosa Quintana received much criticism for traveling outside of Spain during the coronavirus crisis. He went to London days before the state of alarm was decreed. This Monday, April 6, she revealed in her program the reason that led her to visit the British capital.

"To those who say that we were traveling in this program, yes, sir," started the driver of the magazine. "I went to London to look for my son , who was in a school, to bring him to Spain," he said, noting that he feared what might happen. "I traveled 10 days before the state of alarm was decreed. I was already alarmed and I went to look for my son, because what was happening in Italy was already being seen," he said later.

At the table of Ana Rosa's program she spoke about the lack of data: "The problem is that the experts did have information because they spoke with the WHO . We are not scientists or politicians. Information was lacking. He was talking about masks and they were not bought. This is obvious. "

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The presenter also made reference to some of her statements in the magazine: "I remember that here at this table I said that I was scandalized because flights were coming from everywhere. The airspace was not closed at the time, the necessary purchases were not made ... The use of masks was not recommended because there were no, just as no measures were taken in time ... That is so. It is also true that I do not believe that this was done with malicious intent. "

Eduardo Inda's reaction

Eduardo Inda , collaborator of The Ana Rosa program , told the journalist that he had no reason to justify himself and asked her not to do so: "Do not dedicate yourself to explaining the rabble." He took the opportunity to criticize the Government and Fernando Simón , calling them "irresponsible".

"They told us that nothing was happening, that there would be no more than some case ... The irresponsible ones are not us, they are the politicians. Ana Rosa traveled because she was authorized to do so, the negligent was Simon . I do not think he is so dumb to say the nonsense he has said, "said the chatter.

Esther Palomera's self-criticism

Esther Palomera disagreed with some of her colleagues in Ana Rosa's program and said that she herself had been "unconscious and irresponsible." The presenter told him: "There was no irresponsible here." The journalist recalled in the Telecinco space that she had come to say that she was not going to leave her house with a diving suit.

The journalist went to Inda to point out that neither she nor he had been right when talking about the coronavirus at first: "You, like me, said that it should not be given importance." On Twitter, there were those who rescued the images of the people talking about the subject with Ana Rosa Quintana on March 5.

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