The 'good consumer movement' is being developed amid criticism that the `` people of delivery '' revamped the fare system to increase the burden on small businesses.

Yesterday, six days after the controversy, Kim Bum-jun, the representative of the elder brothers who are the 'people of delivery' operator, said, "I humbly accept my intellectual and apologize with my head down." However, Lee Jae-myung held that it was difficult to restore the fee system to the Governor of Gyeonggi-do.

In response, the governor suggested that "people and consumers seem to have no idea that they can save businesses but they can kill them."

Online, a message to protect small business owners is being spread through hashtags. The netizens put on hashtags such as 'Boy's ethnic boycott', 'Phone order', and 'Good consumption', saying, "I am sympathetic to the minds of self-employed people because of Corona 19." We even captured and shared a screen that deletes the 'Delivery of People' app.

Citizens' interest in the public delivery application 'Master of Delivery' launched by Gunsan City in Jeonbuk on the 13th of last month has also increased. Gunsan City says it can save an average of 250,000 won per month because small businesses in the region that use 'delivery number' do not pay fees and advertising fees.

While the Governor was allowed to jointly use the 'Master of Delivery' trademark, he announced that he would use it as a role model to create a new public delivery app.

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