More than 10 people were hired by the police after paying Jo Joo-bin, a so-called 'Dr. Bang' operator, to purchase child sexual exploits. In order to track other paid members, the police also seized and searched over 20 places including the cryptocurrency exchange.

Reporter Han Sang-woo.


Most of the 10 suspects who purchased and retained sex exploits from Joo-bin Cho were in their 30s.

It turns out that they sent cryptocurrencies to Joo Bin to enter a room sharing sex exploitation videos.

I created a cryptocurrency wallet and remitted it several times, but I was caught by the police who secured the data through the seizure search of the cryptocurrency exchange and purchasing agency.

The police believe that other paid members have purchased sexual exploits in a similar way and are focusing their investigation on securing and analyzing cryptocurrency transactions.

Yesterday, we seized and searched 20 places including cryptocurrency exchanges and purchasing agents.

Under the nickname 'Igiya,' Lee Mo, a soldier who ran a sexual exploitation with Jo Joo-bin, was arrested by military police.

Lee is accused of disseminating sexual exploitation hundreds of times in the doctor's room and promoting the doctor's room.

Prosecutors, who are investigating Cho Joo-bin, are also considering the application of criminal group organizing crimes to the crew of the doctor's office.

Prosecutors seized and searched a Seoul detention center where four Jo Joo-bin prisoners, including social worker Kang Mo, were imprisoned yesterday.

It is said that they have secured the notes they used after they were arrested, correspondence with the outside, and cell phones they left to the detention center.