▲ Seoul University Dormitory

Seoul National University is opposing students to delay part-time payments to students who have delayed their dormitory while indefinitely extending the period of non-face-to-face lectures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection-19 (corona19).

According to Seoul National University, the Gwanak Student Dormitory, which is a dormitory of the school, decided to refund the dormitory fee after receiving applications from students who wish to temporarily leave during the month of April among the first semester occupants.

The intention is to return the dormitory fee for non-residents to students who decide to stay at home as the online lecture period is extended.

The refund amount is set at 60% of the dormitory fee for April.

It is not decided how long the non-face-to-face class policy will continue, so a refund policy for residents in May-June is being discussed.

Students are complaining that the dormitory fee for the period of non-residence must be fully refunded.

Seoul National University's online community has posted content such as "I haven't been to the dormitory building, but I have made money," and "I don't want to go to school.

The dormitory's position is that it is difficult to make a full refund because the dormitory is not closed even during online classes.

An official at Seoul National University said, "Some undergraduate and graduate students remain in the dormitory, and there is a fixed cost for operation, so it is difficult to fully refund."

Next, he explained, "However, if you decide to completely withdraw from the semester rather than temporarily leave, you will be refunded the remaining dormitory fee in full."

(Photo = Yonhap News)