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Isolation by the coronavirus is bringing out the best (or the worst) of us in the networks. It is funny to see the challenges that are crowding the Instagram stories and that are passed on chain, sorry for the expression in these times, in a viral way. Sometimes, observing them we can notice how a smile sprouts in us and the need to imitate them; others, the million dollar question: do we really deserve to continue existing as a species? "


There was a time when we did everything possible so that our colleagues and relatives did not see, even remotely, the most embarrassing photos of our childhood. They showed us and revealed us as too soft and cute beings. And it is that not all of them feel good in the sailor suit of the communion or the swimsuit, with floral print, from the holidays in Torrevieja in 92. However, now #babychallenge appears on the networks and we are all going head to find the most ridiculous photo of our past to laugh in community. Because that is what it is about, uploading a small photo and nominating your followers to continue the chain with more syrupy and unrecognizable memories.


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What does it consist of? Recall the fantastic scene from the best Disney movie of all time, smearing your finger on something reddish and anointing your partner's forehead, scared because he does not know what sheath is all about. Totally necessary the background music, which will be the initial theme of The Lion King , and an almost liturgical intonation when singing that " SIMBA ", in the style of Constantine Romero , while you baptize the next king of the "sheet" of the sofa.


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The challenge that perhaps more mother collejas would take on: that of trying to keep a broom upright once you have released it from your hands. Can you visualize one of your parents heading towards you, armored hand up, to ask for an explanation of why you are wasting time with your broom when you have never deigned to sweep with it? Well, several celebrities such as Canelo Álvarez, Jason Derulo, Tory Lanez or DJ Khaledla have started to try it on their networks, even NASA's own official account ... More demoralizing and sobering colleges are needed!

# 10toqueschallenge

If you were wondering why there was such a need to equip our bathrooms with such urgency with towers and towers of toilet paper , here is the answer: to kick the remaining hundred rolls with the skill of a footballer who is bored at home and has the emergency of show off in networks.


The best for the end. The already known as "The Pride of the Internet" or "The Standard Bearer of the Influencers", the social media star, Larz , decided that more than 796,000 cases and more than 38,000 deaths in 194 countries due to coronaviruses were not a reason for fright, so it did not take him long to accept the viral challenge "Coronavirus challenge" and start licking a toilet to reach consensus as an immune hero, thus breaking all the records of visits and followers on his profile. "Yes, you get a TikTok challenge , you get 100%," he said to himself. Unexpected end: Larz has been infected with coronavirus .

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