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FitBit has just lifted the veil on its new tracker, the FitBit Charge 4. If it does not evolve especially in terms of its design, the activity bracelet still has several new features. It therefore incorporates for the first time a GPS, enough to obtain better monitoring of outdoor training sessions. On previous models, you had to connect the tracker to a smartphone to keep track of its route.

The integrated GPS also provides a measure of the intensity of the effort exerted during a workout. By synchronizing the tracker with his smartphone, it is possible to obtain a heat map which will allow the user to analyze and improve the performance depending on the environment in which his owner trains.

The FitBit Charge 4 also incorporates the sleep tracking function that has been found for some time on the manufacturer's watches. Like the Charge 3, the new tracker also has a SpO2 sensor that tracks changes in the rate of oxygen saturation in the blood. Enough to spot possible sleep apnea or any other respiratory disorder.

Minutes of activity rather than steps

Designed for athletes, the tracker will focus on the minutes of activity rather than the number of steps taken during a day. The activity bracelet will therefore count all the minutes during which the wearer has been active on the basis of his heart rate. With this new measure, it will be easier to reach the objective of 150 minutes of activity per week recommended by the WHO.

Finally, the tracket also hosts the management of Spotify from its dial, as well as contactless payment.

FitBit announces a battery life of seven days or five hours with GPS active continuously. It will therefore be necessary to think of deactivating it outside of your physical activities at the risk of having your tracker go out during the day.

The FitBit Charge 4 will be available on April 15 at a price of 149.95 euros in its basic version (black, midnight blue and purple). It will take 169.95 euros for the model with the woven bracelet in special edition.


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