It was confirmed that a man in his 30s was sentenced to three years in prison, close to the lower limit of the court, who also photographed sexual exploitation targeted to teenagers and commissioned an accomplice from 'n' Room '.

According to the Supreme Court ruling, Mr. Kim, 37, produced 170 sexual exploits by requesting sexual exploitation videos from minors who learned through a random chat app since July 2016. There are 18,000 sexually exploited videos of children and adolescents.

In particular, Mr. Kim ordered several sexual exploitation videos against minors from an acquaintance who learned through Twitter. When Kim demanded specific and sadistic sexual acts, the accomplice threatened the victims of their early teens and filmed them.

It has also been revealed that Mr. Kim produced a sexual exploitation video through a person suspected of being 'God' in the Telegram Room n. 'God' is the first person who created and operated Room n, and is considered to be the main suspect in the Telegram n Room incident along with Dr. and Watchman.

However, Andong Ji-won, the Daegu District Court, who heard the case in September last year, sentenced Kim to three years of imprisonment, saying, "The defendant is reflecting on all the crimes he has committed." In spite of two previous crimes that committed similar crimes, he also revealed the reason for the relatively mild punishment: "There is no criminal history of punishment for punishment exceeding fines." The ruling was confirmed by the Supreme Court in February this year.

Experts pointed out that Mr. Kim was punished for having a bad sin and having a criminal record even though he had a criminal record. In particular, Mr. Kim's crimes were criticized for not being able to convince the court's decision that he was sentenced to only three years, because he could have been sentenced to a minimum of 2 years and 6 months to a maximum of 22 years and 6 months.

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