More than 600 people have arrived from overseas, as more and more people have arrived from abroad. So, from yesterday (the first day), the government must make sure that people coming from abroad live in quarantine for two weeks, whether they have symptoms or not. In addition, the city of Seoul decided to run a large-scale clinic at Jamsil Sports Complex starting tomorrow. There are about 1,600 immigrants living in Seoul a day, but as soon as they get off the airport, they will go to Jamsil Clinic and have their tests started.

This is reporter Yoo Su-hwan.


Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul, 25 tents and 9 container boxes are placed in a parking lot that is only the size of a soccer field.

This is a screening clinic to examine residents of Seoul from abroad.

More than 100 medical staff were put in, and it is possible to test up to 1,000 people a day because it is a walking-type method where the test is completed in 5 minutes per person.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to have up to 1,600 immigrants inspected before returning home.

A limousine service is also provided to take you from Incheon International Airport to Jamsil Stadium or a public health center near your home.

[Park Won-soon / Seoul Mayor: Once you return home, it is dangerous and uncomfortable to come out and undergo a self-containment (diagnostic test), so it is dangerous and uncomfortable.

Seoul's action is a non-coercive recommendation, and people from other countries, except Europe, will not be punished or sanctioned if they refuse to test.

Some municipalities have even issued administrative orders that mandate diagnostic tests.

Gwangju Metropolitan City requires only immigrants from Europe and the United States, and Jeollanam-do to quarantine all immigrants from all over the world in temporary facilities.

Instead of providing transportation services from Incheon Airport to home, Ulsan Metropolitan City conducts diagnostic tests for all immigrants.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok · Kim Young-gwan UBC · Kim Hak-il KBC, video editing: Cho Moo-hwan)