It was confirmed that the singer Wheesung (real name Choi Hwisung · 38), who is being investigated by the police for alleged drug administration, fell down while injecting drugs for sleep anesthesia.

According to the police on the 1st, the police and the fire department reported that a man was killed in a toilet in a building in Songpa-gu, Seoul around 8:30 pm the previous day.

At the scene, a plastic bag, several syringes, and a bottle with liquid were found.

The man was said to have been lying in the bathroom consciously and had no physical problems.

Police confirmed that the man was Wheesung and brought him to the police station to investigate drug use, but the urine test confirmed it negative.

The police saw the drug used by Wheesung as a type of sleeping anesthetic that was not designated as a drug, so he returned home.

In the future, we plan to investigate whether an anesthetic agent is obtained and whether there are alleged crimes such as violations of medical laws.

Meanwhile, the Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency recently announced that it was investigating and investigating the situation in which Wheesung purchased drugs in the course of confirming drug-related intelligence in December last year.

The drug was not specifically identified.

Previously, Wheesung was investigated by the military prosecutor for the administration of propofol, a type of sleep anesthetic, when he served in the military in 2013.

(Photo = Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)