Prosecutors are speeding up the investigation into the Lime case, which has stopped repurchasing funds worth 1.6 trillion won. We seized and searched the company of the person named for Lime's money, and arrested Choi Jong-geun of the late Vice President Lee Jong-pil.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung reports.


The prosecution's search for seizures is the headquarters of Star Mobility, a listed company in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do.

It is the company of former president Kim Bong-hyun who appears in the transcripts secured by the prosecution as a person to solve the stalemate of the lime fund through the Blue House lobby.

Lime Asset Management invested 40 billion won and 20 billion won, respectively, in April and January of this year. Prosecutors used accounting books and computerized data to check whether Star Mobility lobbied Lime in the process. It is said to have been secured.

We also seized and searched a golf course in Yongin to secure a list of people who played golf with former President Kim.

Chairman Kim is known to have played golf with ex-executive officer Kim Mo of the Blue House here, but is also suspected of hiring his ex-executive director's brother as an outside director for his company.

Prosecutors today (1st) arrested Mr. Kim, the head of Lime's alternative management division, for violating the Capital Market Act.

Kim is the closest person to the former vice president, Lee Jong-pil, who escaped Lime, and is a key figure in fund management.

Previously, the police are also pursuing the whereabouts of former President Kim, who fled for an arrest warrant against former President Kim.

As the prosecutor's investigation speeds up, there are observations that imminent recruitment of the late Kim Jong-pil and former vice president Jong-pil Lee is key figures.

(Video coverage: Taehoon Kim and Yongwoo Kim, video editing: Jinhoon Park)