Prosecutors investigating the 'stop of repurchase of Lime Asset Management' of KRW 1.6 trillion arrested Lime Asset Management executives involved in the case.

The Seoul Southern District Attorney Detective Division 6 (Cho Sang-won, Deputy Prosecutor's Office) said that Kim Mo-lim, head of asset management, was arrested on the morning of today (1st) on charges of misconduct and flooding.

The prosecution did not disclose the specifics of the arrest of General Kim.

Kim is one of the people who brought up Lime by collaborating with former Vice President Lee Jong-pil of Lime Asset Management.

Prosecutors are also speeding up the investigation by seizing and searching for the star mobility of KOSDAQ-listed companies that President Kim Bong-hyun, who was named as the lord of the lime, was the real owner.

Prosecutors send computer prosecutors and investigators to the Star Mobility headquarters in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do from 9:30 am today to secure computer files and books.

Prosecutors look into the situation where the company's hundreds of billions of dollars were directly or indirectly invested in Lime Asset Management.

Earlier, on the 28th of last month, prosecutors arrested two people who helped escape, including delivering medicines to former vice president Li Jong-pil Lee.

All executives at Shinhan Investment Corp., who have sold billions of won worth of funds to their customers, knowing the insolvency of the lime fund, have also been arrested recently.

Police also arrested Kim Mo, a close aide to Star Mobility's president, Kim Bong-hyun, who was named Jeonju's Jeonju.

Investigation agencies are pursuing the subject matters of key suspects, including former vice president Lee Jong-pil and Kim Bong-hyun, who have been subjugated against arrested suspects.