Russia is postponing a law requiring that smartphones, computers and smart TVs sold in the country be supplied with pre-installed Russian software. The law would go into effect in July, but has been postponed to January 2021, reports Russian news agency TASS .

The law was passed by the Russian lower house in November and was signed not much later by President Vladimir Putin.

The law should allow Russian software makers to better compete with pre-installed alternatives from, for example, Apple and Google, the makers of the two most popular smartphone operating systems.

It is still unclear what effect the law will have on the sale of smartphones in Russia. Apple never pre-installs third-party apps on its iOS operating system. Android smartphones often have standard Google apps, but manufacturers already regularly choose to install other apps in advance.

Concept documents about the law described that the law would work in phases. First of all, internet browsers and map and navigation services would become mandatory. After that, payment services, chat programs, social media, email services and Russian-made audiovisual services would follow.