This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the vice president, head of the section of biomedical sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician Vladimir Chekhonin.

He said that several years ago, the Postovskiy Institute of Organic Synthesis named after the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences created the antiviral drug triazavirin, which is currently interested in specialists from China in connection with the possibility of its use for the treatment of coronavirus.

He said that at the moment "a special, inhaled form of this drug is ready, which can be used exclusively for the treatment of respiratory viral infections."

“I'm sure it will be more acceptable for treating COVID-19 infection,” Chekhonin said.

According to him, this drug is already ready for transmission to tests in specialized institutions.

He also said that the Institute of Organic Synthesis together with the Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry in Moscow created a “quite efficient” and compatible with the requirements of the Russian pharmaceutical industry synthesis scheme for the drug favipiravir, which was created in Japan to treat infections caused by the so-called RNA viruses . He is also ready to be tested.

In addition, the scientist reported on the drug fortepren, which passed all stages of clinical trials.

This drug, according to Chekhonin, "is at the registration stage, after which it can be submitted for testing to check its possible activity against COVID-19."

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Health of Russia will begin clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus infection in five to six months.

The representative of the WHO in Russia, Melita Vujnovich, in turn, said that the vaccine against coronavirus would appear no earlier than in a year.

On March 11, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a pandemic.