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The endangered red fox that appeared in downtown Cheongju was safely rescued.

This red fox appeared on the basketball court near a shopping center in Cheongju city yesterday (29th).

Upon receiving the report, the 119 Rescue Team went out to catch with the capture frame and net, but the fox was so fast that it eventually failed to catch.
Then, in the evening, there was a second report that the fox appeared again in the parking lot of a nearby apartment.

The fox crouching under the car could be rescued by a rescue team.

It's not yet known exactly where and how this red fox came.

Fox is an animal designated as the first class of endangered wildlife by the Ministry of Environment. Since the 1980s, it has been hiding in South Korea and is currently restoring in Sobaeksan National Park.

The netizens said, "Is there been no one on the street because of Corona 19, so I wonder if you came down?" It showed back reaction.

(Screen source: YouTube Friday, Facebook Im Bong-cheol)