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Doom is a video game saga with a great legacy: it is responsible for many of the conventions that still exist today in shooting games. It is also a saga that follows a very simple principle: that it gives great pleasure to blow a gigantic monster with a shotgun .

This could perfectly summarize the approach of Doom Eternal , the sequel to the 'soft reboot' of the saga, that is, it continues where the 2016 Doom left off, a game that in turn did not fully take into account the previous installments, but a little yes. As you can see, this mess is a clear consequence that the saga did not go through the best of times and was missing for a decade .

But that remains in the past and nothing matters right now, because if the keys to the resurrection of the franchise were established four years ago, everything that worked well was perfected in Doom Eternal : the highest speed, the constant movement, the double jump, weapons with two shooting modes, recovering health and armor with a clean punch, the number of enemies, the structure of the screens ...

And to all this, now we must add a shotgun with a hook to get closer to the enemies , a sword, the possibility of doing damage to enemies at critical points (cannons, weak points of the armor), the use of 'parries' (attack at a key moment to stop and weaken the enemy for a few moments) and a wider range of mobility options with bars to propel yourself, walls to hold on to, and best of all, a double push to move at full speed in one direction.

Doom Eternal is a very complex game with a lot of combat possibilities, and it takes a couple of screens to get used to all this and learn the new tools they provide, such as the flamethrower to get armor from burning enemies or fragmentation grenades and of ice. But when you've got the point out of it all, you're a one-man army, an unstoppable machine that destroys everything in front of you .

For the record, I'm not exaggerating a bit. What makes this game enjoy the most are those moments when you kill an immense enemy from a distance with the rocket launcher, you quickly switch to the assault rifle to fire with a precision shot the two cannons of an enemy to, after exploding a Punch another weaker and get life, you approach that enemy you have left defenseless and cut him into pieces with a short-range execution. Everything in less than 10 seconds. And done this, repeat, and repeat, and repeat. The unofficial slogan of the game is "rip and tear", that is, 'rip and rip' in Spanish because that is what you do screen after screen.

Do not think that this is done repetitively , because the design of scenarios and enemies provides an amazing variety, as well as the secrets that you are finding (and looking for) to improve your armor with more life, armor and ammunition for weapons, than your Each time they are improved in its two alternative firing modes with improvements of reload, damage or speed of use. And the thing does not stop there, because there have also been enough moments of jumps and simple puzzles to be able to advance and be able to put your head elsewhere after so many moments of pure and simple violence.

Don't worry about that, by the way: here you don't kill people, much less . They are all hellish demons with very imaginative designs, as was typical of the first Doom : a sphere of flying meat with teeth and a large eye, super-demonic demons that punch, a giant brain that walks on mechanical legs ... There is blood and guts , but it is never unpleasant, because it is all so exaggerated that it is comical to the point of making you laugh out loud when you chain together a series of enemy executions.

I can't think of a better video game to let the hours of seclusion pass and to alleviate the frustrations that arise from it than Doom Eternal , since it is a shooting video game where the key resides, on the one hand, in the rhythm at which you use the weapon and the success when moving through the scenarios :; on the other, in feeling invincible by regenerating your life and armor while killing things; and finally, in letting yourself be carried away by violence in a positive way.

In some way, id Software has understood everything that worked from its previous Doom and has magnified it until turning its sequel into an absolute masterpiece that I can say without fear of being wrong that it is one of the best shooting video games of the decade with Destiny and Rainbow Six Siege .

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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