With the spread of the Corona virus and curfews in many countries, many people use video chat applications to communicate with friends or co-workers.

A Motherboard report recently indicated that the Zoom app is not the right choice for people who care about privacy and data protection.

According to the analysis of the application for the iPhone, it sends data to the Facebook network, regardless of whether the user has an account on the social network or not, and there are many applications, which depend on the SDK development tools from Facebook Facebook ", to facilitate the implementation of some individual features, and here the data is sent to Facebook inevitably.

However, the Zoom video chat application does not refer to the privacy policy or general terms and conditions to the sharing of data with the Facebook network, and once the user opens the application it sends the location data, the smartphone model, the mobile network operator, and the time zone to the Facebook servers, In order to show ads later in proportion to the user.

The report also added that there is no evidence yet of transferring sensitive or personal data, but this approach always raises doubts and concerns about privacy.

Facebook reported that developers using the social network API should clearly inform users about the data collected and transferred to third-party servers.