Gangnam-gu, Seoul, head of controversy, said the apologized yesterday (29th) after controversy about the mother and daughter of an American student who had been confirmed after going on a trip to Jeju Island for five days. However, he stated that he had a different controversy than Jinui.

Reporter Im Tae-woo on the sidewalk.


Chung Soon-gyun, the head of Seoul's Gangnam-gu office, said at a news conference that the mother and daughter of an American student were victims of good faith, saying that she had no symptoms when she arrived in Jeju Island.

They actually dismissed Jeju's claim that they were traveling despite the symptoms.

[Jung Soon-Gyun / Director, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Last 27th): On the evening of departure, only very mild sore throat symptoms appeared, so there was no hindrance to travel activities… .]

Jeju Island refuted Chung's claim.

Jeju Island's announcement that it traveled asymptomatically was based on the Gangnam-gu epidemiological report.

[Bae Jong-myeon / Jeju Infectious Disease Management Support Group: Jeju Island did not newly discover whether symptoms appeared on the 20th, but it was decided by the epidemiological investigation of Gangnam-gu Office… .]

However, he emphasized that the responsibility for epidemiological investigation lies with Gangnam-gu.

When the controversy heated up, Mr. Chung made an apology to SNS.

He said that his remarks were controversial completely different from Jinui.

[Gangnam-gu Office Personnel: The misdirection of the communication is different from the intention of the mayor of the office (to apologize.)]

Jeju Island said there was no change in the damages lawsuit against the mother and daughter of Gangnam-gu.