JTBC President Son Seok-hee, who said he was threatened with murder by Jo Joo-bin, further explained why he did not report the damage, and the content is controversial. He believed in Joo-Bin Cho, who said he had Samsung behind him and a freelance journalist on trial, but both Samsung and the reporter refuted.

Reporter Kim Kwan-jin.


JTBC President Seok-hee Son is said to have explained to reporters why he did not report Jo-Boo Joo, who threatened to kill himself and his family.

He threatened that he had been asked to murder a contract by Kim Woong, a freelance journalist in dispute with him, saying that Samsung was behind him.

It has been reported that Samsung Future Strategy Office staff had back-checked whether they were involved in the Mitu case in 2018, and that they believed that they believed Jo Joo-bin's story behind Samsung.

Samsung countered that it was an absurd claim.

Samsung said it had nothing to do with Jo Joo-bin or Mr. Kim Woong, and that he hadn't investigated Son's back.

In addition, Mr. Son's claim that the Future Strategy Office, which had already been disbanded in 2017, conducted a background investigation in 2018, disagreed.

Freelance journalist Kim Woong also criticized Son on the YouTube broadcast saying whether he quoted the devil's words, and that allegations regarding him and Samsung were true.

As the controversy surrounding Mr. Son's clarification is growing, the truth of the matter will be revealed in the prosecution investigation.