Prosecutors and the police are focusing on cracking the mobile phone password of Dr. Cho Joo-bin. It has been reported that it is making some progress, but it seems to be a so-called 'smoking gun' for revealing the facts of opening a telegram chat room in question, dealing with money, and revealing crimes related to celebrities.

Reporter Bae Jun-woo on the sidewalk.


The police arrested Cho's home while arresting Joo-bin Jo on the 16th.

In the raid of the police, Mr. Cho was unable to destroy evidence and confiscated digital devices such as cell phones and laptops.

Among the seizures, the police believe that the Galaxy S9 series mobile phones used by Joe contain key evidence.

It is known that Mr. Cho has changed this phone password once a day, and the police are currently analyzing the phone at the Forensic Center of the National Police Agency.

[Lee Jong-in / Professor of Korea University's Graduate School of Information Security: (Galaxy) If kept in Knox, it is not easy for the police to see unless the suspect cooperates. You'll have to focus on a few people, and there's definitely a weak link because only one is not very secure.]

Cho, who was uncooperative at the time of the police investigation, was reported to have made some statements regarding the cracking of the phone in a recent prosecution investigation.

In this regard, a police official said that it is expected that the results will soon be released in order to decrypt the mobile phone.

The prosecution and the police believe that this cell phone could be a 'smoking gun' to reveal Cho's sexual exploitation and scams against celebrities.