You may remember the mother and daughter who both went to Jeju Island on a trip to Jeju Island five days after the return of an American student and were both confirmed. However, Gangnam-gu, the head of Seoul's controversy, posted that the mother and daughter were victims of good faith. There are many other confirmed persons in the hall, but it is not unreasonable to post a clarification without the mother and daughter.

Reporter Shim Young-gu.


An emergency press conference on Corona 19 yesterday (27th) held at Gangnam-gu Office in Seoul.

After going on a trip to Jeju, Chung Soon-gyun, a spokesperson for the American student mother, who was confirmed by Corona this week, said Jeju Island is also a victim of goodwill in relation to the news that Jeju is reviewing the damages and criminal charges.

The head of the office, Jeong-gu, said that although there is a pity that the mother and daughter would want to go into self-isolation, the international student was not subject to self-isolation prescribed by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and had no symptoms other than mild sore throat.

[Jung Soon-Gyun / Chief of Gangnam-gu (March 27): (Study abroad) I was under stress and planned a trip to Hawaii to change my mood, but when the flight was canceled (in Corona), I went on a trip to Jeju Island.]

However, Jeju Island's position is that the international student felt chills, muscle pain, and sore throat from the evening of the first day when he came to Jeju Island and showed corona suspicion enough to visit the hospital while traveling.

On the SNS page of the Gangnam-gu Office that posted this content, there was an article stating that Jeju Island's policy of compensation for damage was excessive, but the victim of true goodwill was mostly criticized by the chief of the ward office, such as Jeju Island.

On the bulletin board of the national petition of the Blue House, even the former chief of the office of Chung Gu appeared.

Gangnam-gu office asked yesterday what it was like to criticize the press conference, but did not answer.

(Video coverage: Park Dae-young, Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, Screen provided: Gangnam-gu Office)