The intensive care unit of the Bordeaux University Hospital, March 27, 2020. (illustration) - UGO AMEZ / SIPA

You may have seen them on a friend's Facebook wall or in your mailbox. Because poisons are becoming more and more common with news, writing 20 Minutes helps you sort out the true from the false.

1. Beware of this diverted photo of nursing assistants

The author of the original photo says she is "shocked" by this diversion.

2. No, Sibeth Ndiaye did not make shocking comments about pregnant women

A false quote from the government spokesperson is circulating on social networks.

3. No, the drinking water of a town has not been contaminated by the coronavirus

A message from the town hall of Rédange (Moselle) raised concerns.

4. Watch out for this video which claims to show corpses in the streets of Italy

The legend of this sequence does not necessarily correspond to the reality of the images.

5. In Italy, goodbye to coronavirus patients by tablet?

We take stock of a photo that has been around a lot.

6. Beware of these photos which claim to show outdoor hospital beds in Italy

Pictures taken in Croatia after an earthquake are out of context.

7. No, Trump has not announced the launch of a Covid-19 vaccine

The laboratory evoked by this rumor denies to 20 Minutes .

8. No, the hantavirus will not succeed the coronavirus

The tweet from a Chinese newspaper sparked panic on social media.

9. Yes, this photo of a Charles-de-Gaulle airport terminal full of people is authentic

And it was taken at the start of the current period of containment.

10. Have foreign doctors recommended the use of chloroquine?

We take stock of this statement by Didier Raoult.

11. Yes, this video clearly shows an attestation check in Asnières-sur-Seine

We see a policeman hitting a pedestrian there, but two versions oppose the course of events.

12. Beware of this false message from "hospital staff" on the coronavirus

This false alert is signed by different hospitals in France depending on the versions that circulate.

Bonus: Our podcast “Minute papillon! »Returns to the false remedies against the coronavirus

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