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  • Stuck at home and deprived of their audience, the humorists replace the scene with increased activity on social networks.
  • Between lack of material and means, all manage, trying to stand out, despite a redundant news and inspiration put to the test.
  • Aymeric Lompret, Laura Domenge and Franjo agreed to answer the 20 Minutes questions.

Failing to burn the boards, the humorists vibrate Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Since March 13 and the ban on gatherings of more than 100 people in France because of the coronavirus epidemic, all the comedian artists have found themselves on the floor.

In addition to the dates deleted, they were forced three days later, like all French people, to remain confined to their homes. Many then decided to “telecommute” by producing content on social networks, transforming it into an incredible reservoir of humorous content. “I feel like everyone is going to video. I even saw my dealer and my mother make it, ”says humorist and columnist Aymeric Lompret who, very active, makes one a day.

"I have already done two whole shoots while being blurred"

Some have started producing series of sketches. The comedian couple Fadily Camara and Hakim Jemili created "The apart of the broken couple". Jingle, a confessional in the bathroom, hassled for a story about cellphones and candy: an achievement worthy of the reality shows that she pastiche. Another great performance is the columnist and actor Pierre-Emmanuel Barré, who keeps his "Journal de confinement" daily. These (barely) romanticized videos on his life in the countryside with his wife, include rather neat montages and even some special effects (see episode 13). A small feat under current conditions, no one will contradict it. "At first I watched his videos, but I stopped. Now I look at nothing but tricks to push me to do better, ”jokes (or not) Aymeric Lompret.

“Me, I have good equipment and I already used to make videos, but I still worked with a small team: sound, light and image taker… There for example, I already made two whole shoots by being blurred because I had no one to focus behind the camera, "says laughing Franjo (who had not laughed too much on the spot). He launched the series "In quarantine" with themed videos like "panic", "psychosis" or "the plot" (promised it's still funny). If the humorist had first announced a video a day, he quickly understood that the rhythm would be complicated to keep and finally realizes one every two or three days.

"Facecam to the tear 'with my iphone"

Because producing and editing videos requires time, skills and resources. If many have the first criterion, they are less likely to have the others. Not a problem for Edgar-Yves who opted for simplicity by essentially publishing his thoughts and other anecdotes on Instagram in writing. Laura Domenge for her part decided to get out of her comfort zone by posting videos made alone with the means at hand.

"What I can do is play. There I realize I'm going up… Suddenly it's mostly facecam with my iPhone which doesn't have a very good image and 30 minutes of battery life when I film ”, explains the actress . Far from the more polished productions that she is used to, for example, with the Wondher media where she is surrounded by a cinematographer, makeup artists and other actors, the young humorist works alone. A first. “It's pretty dizzying. I tell myself that it's time to stop asking 15,000 questions, I fight my demon and I try to be more spontaneous. "

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Thought about confined children who are stuck with a brother / sister, a friend or simply a hyperactive mother ... Is that your case? #humor # confinement # stuck # hyperactivity # let go

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Live lives and Lip Sync

In the spirit of spontaneous videos there are of course the humorists who stormed the lives. Bun Hay Mean organizes a live Instagram every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. with a live person every five minutes. Its last one gathered more than 5,500 spectators, twice the Grand Rex in Paris. Going from one Instagram account to another, you can currently spend the 24 hours of your day watching comic lives.

Tristan Lopin also does it according to his wishes (and his degree of acceptance of loneliness) during the day. The comedian stands out by not only publishing content related to the coronavirus and the difficult conditions of confinement. Locked up alone with his cat, he has been performing lip sync performances in disguise from the start using what he finds in his apartment. Madness that makes him earn 1,500 new subscribers a day, he said in a post. Like what the confinement is also the good opportunity to make a little more known. "There are more views and likes because people really don't care," said Aymeric Lompret.

"We all live the same reality, there is this risk of coming out with a joke already made"

But to gain popularity, you also have to survive in the jungle of social networks: an audience a little less easy than those who took their tickets to attend a show… Aymeric Lompret emphasizes for example “that there are very very people bad guys on the Internet who say that Pierre Emmmanuel Barré is better and that I am fat ”. "I'm always afraid of being insulting or copying without realizing what other people are doing. Since we all live the same reality, there is this risk of coming out with a joke already made, ”says Laura Domenge. Especially since most artists do not see themselves publishing content having nothing to do with current events. "I have a lot of videos waiting to be published, but I can't put them, it would happen like a hair on the soup," says Franjo.

To this we add the risk of having gone around the subject within a week. "It is a news that lasts a long time so at the level of inspiration, you have to be careful not to fall into the same humorous mechanisms," continues the humorist. But having imperatives of time and theme, it can also create dazzling writing, it pushes us to our limits. "

Conclude with the cat

Laura Domenge can't help thinking about the rest. “I wonder in two months, how are we going to talk about the problems from before. I tell myself that when it is finished, we will not be able to resume the course of our lives where we left it. That our way of seeing things will change and that whatever the subject that we will treat it will have to put it in the context of what we will have experienced. That everything will seem irrelevant, if it is not readjusted, ”she says thoughtfully and at the same time amused by her philosophical impulse.

Shorter-term screenings for Aymeric Lompret who plans to continue training pétanque to "become a professional player and move onto 21" and plans to produce a skit that will make the cat confined to laugh with him and "thus be able to conclude "


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