The iOS version of the popular video calling app Zoom forwards data from users to Facebook, even if users do not have a Facebook account themselves, according to research by Motherboard . Zoom is not transparent about this to users.

The Zoom app notifies Facebook when the user opens the app, provides details about the user's device, such as the model, time zone and city from which they connect and which phone company they use. The app also forwards an ID that companies can use to send the user targeted advertisements, according to Motherboard 's analysis.

This type of data transfer is not uncommon. Many apps use Facebook's software kits (SDK) to implement features more easily in their apps. This also has the effect of sending information to Facebook.

However, according to Motherboard , Zoom is not transparent about this data transfer to Facebook. Zoom's policy says that the company collects Facebook's profile information from users when they use Facebook to sign in to Zoom, but it doesn't explicitly mention anything about sending data from Zoom users who don't have a Facebook account.

Facebook told Motherboard that developers should be transparent about the data their apps send to Facebook. Zoom has not yet responded to Motherboard 's research.

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