All available data from nature in the Netherlands is bundled on a platform called Nature Today. This allows people to see which animals and plants live in their immediate environment.

Plans for the website were announced by the initiators over a year ago, after which a crowdfunding campaign was launched. This raised over 31,000 euros.

Based on the user location, the platform shows which plants and animals are present in the vicinity. This is done on the basis of flora and fauna passed on by "tens of thousands of nature lovers", Nature Today writes. Each plant and animal is provided with a photo and accompanying text, so that the user can recognize them.

"You don't have to go to busy nature reserves to enjoy nature, because there are many different animals and plants to discover everywhere," say the makers. "Also in the middle of the city, in your street and in your garden."

Searching for animals and plants based on location is free to use for the first month, after which payment must be made. A subscription costs 2 euros per month.