During the online lecture, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies decided to exclude professors who inadvertently exposed pornography on the class screen they see.

An official from the Korea University of Foreign Affairs said on the 26th, "Considering the seriousness of the matter, Professor A decided that it would be difficult to continue the class."

In the pre-recorded lecture video of Professor A, which was released the previous day, the Kakao Talk dialogue window of the professor appeared briefly, and the scene that received several videos presumed to be pornography from others was exposed.

Professor A was in the process of putting lecture materials on a computer screen and recording them.

The video wasn't actually played, and Professor A dropped out of the conversation and reclassed.

The Korea University Foreign Students Association took a stand on this day and criticized that "the students were exposed to pornography unprotected."

Then he demanded that "We strongly condemn Professor A for abandoning his professional and moral obligations, and apologize for the damage the students suffered."

The Hankuk University of Foreign Studies will investigate the exact circumstances of the case against Professor A and decide whether or not to be disciplined.

Previously, the university decided to conduct classes online for four weeks after the start of the course due to the spread of new coronavirus infections.