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Along with this, the police are chasing the people who organized the doctor's room in Telegram together with Jo Joo-bin. After inviting paid members, Jo Joo-bin took on roles such as cash management, recruitment, and promotion, and as a result of our coverage, it was confirmed that officials were included in the management.

This is the only report from Hong Young-jae.

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The police revealed that there are 14 doctors in the room, including Jo Joo-bin, the main criminal.

This includes officials from an 8th-level city hall in the province.

It was reported that this official was arrested while serving as a recruiter for paid members.

[City officials: I haven't been to work since January 10th. It was January 23rd that I decided to release my position. The criminal case was arrested, so we were released. .]

Mr. Cho ordered the crime by encouraging paid members of the 'Dr. Bang' as subordinates, which are divided into the roles of sharing crime profits, collecting victims and making sexual exploits, and recruiting members.

In this process, two public service workers working in the offices of Seoul and Suwon acted as recruiters.

These public service agents searched for personal information, such as the address or cell phone number of the victim's family, and handed it over to Mr. Cho and used it as a means to intimidate the victims.

Among the recruitment books are those who have been investigated for hacking in the past.

An apartment in Suwon was used as a place to deliver crime profits.

When the members exchange the virtual currency they paid to enter the doctor's room for cash and put it in the fire hydrant of the apartment, the management of the apartment resident finds it and sends it to Mr. Joe by courier or directly.

It is said that the members of the PhD's room, according to Cho's instructions, are divided into roles and systematically engaged in crime.

The police said they would establish a special investigation center for digital sex crimes and thoroughly investigate all persons involved in the case, even those who possessed or distributed sexual exploitation videos.

(Video coverage: Myeong-gu Kim, Video editing: Park Jin-hoon, CG: Jun-ho Lee)

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