Telegram, an Internet messenger, has been emphasizing anonymity and security for a long time, and using this, sex offenders committed cruel acts on Telegram. A move is underway to press on Telegram to reveal the identity of criminals who have not yet been revealed and to cooperate with the investigation.

Reporter Sangmin Kim will deliver this news.


This is a video posted on an international petition site.

It introduces sexual crimes in the Telegram, including Jo Ju-bin's doctor's room, and requests cooperation from international investigation agencies such as the FBI. Twitter also claimed to withdraw from the Telegram account at the same time today (25th) and at 9 o'clock on Sunday, insisting on the confidentiality of the incident.

The reason for withdrawal is to press the telegram directly with the 'n-bang event'.

They said that Telegram "is not cooperating with the investigation even if cyber terrorism has occurred due to the characteristic of anonymity."

[Kim Soo-yoon / Seongbuk-gu, Seoul: I think it is necessary to take strict and immediate measures even if it is important to protect personal privacy.]

In addition to telegrams, there are also claims that there are other messengers that provide high security while providing video for sexual crimes, so that it is necessary to develop a cryptographic decryption technology to provide an institutional safeguard.

[Professor Seungjoo Kim / Graduate School of Information Security, Korea University: Detoxification technology will be developed, but how will it be managed and supervised by the National Assembly through discussions with civic groups? ]

There is a growing voice that there should be a place for discussion to develop technologies that do not exploit cybersecurity crimes and that are not exploited for privacy.

(Video coverage: used, video editing: Seungjin Lee)

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