Quarantine officials say 5% of the cases that have recently entered Europe from Korea with symptoms related to the new coronavirus infection (Corona19) are considered confirmed.

Jung Eun-kyung, the head of the Central Defense Policy Division, said at a briefing held at the Osong Center for Disease Control in Chungbuk on the 20th. .

"In the past, many of the foreign residents from China and other countries entered the Incheon Airport quarantine facility and inspected it for a day or two.

"The recent increase in the positive rate to 5% demonstrates that 'a wide range of community infections have occurred in Europe'," he said.

The government has decided to conduct a corona19 diagnostic test on all foreign and foreigners entering Korea from Europe on the 22nd.

This is because the spread of corona19 in Europe is not calming, and the number of cases of overseas immigrants in the community has increased since the quarantine process and immigration.

Since the first patient in Korea, 86 patients have been estimated to have entered Korea after being infected with Corona19 overseas, of which 50 have entered the country.