This photo dates from 2013, it is not related to the coronavirus epidemic. - Facebook screenshot

  • A chilling image of aligned coffins is said to have been taken from a church in Lombardy, northern Italy, to illustrate the dangers of coronavirus.
  • The image actually dates from 2013.

A chilling image. Dozens of coffins aligned in three rows, one rose on each of them. The photo is shared on social networks to alert the number of deaths in Italy linked to the coronavirus epidemic.

"Small message to those who laugh, those who imagine being out of context, stronger than this damn virus, those who think it's a joke, writes one of the Internet users who shared the image on Facebook. A photo of a church in Lombardy, where the coffins are confined while awaiting the funeral ... 475 dead in Italy in a single day !!! "

This photo dates from 2013, it is not related to the coronavirus epidemic. - Facebook screenshot


A reverse image search allows you to find the track of this shot. It was taken on October 5, 2013, on the island of Lampedusa, by photographer Tullio M. Puglia for Getty Images. The image is available on the agency's website. We can read the figure "108" inscribed on the coffin in the foreground.

These coffins are those of African migrants who lost their lives in a shipwreck off the Italian coast, the agency said. 366 people died on October 3, 2013 after the boat, carrying more than 500 people, caught fire and sank.

Italy remains despite everything is the European country most affected by the Covid-19. The country registers 2,978 deaths and is on the way to overtake China, which counts 3,245 deaths, according to the latest assessment reported by AFP.

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