As the corona situation is prolonged, there is a conflict in tuition due to school closings and closings.

In particular, the issue of refunding the kindergarten fee is different because the kindergarten has a different position.


The kindergarten playground is empty and the commuter vehicles are stopped.

Corona 19 has delayed the opening of all kindergartens across the country on the 23rd.

Because of this, parents are raising their voices to pay back some of the kindergarten fees they have already paid.

[Pre-Kindergarten Parents: I didn't go to Kindergarten in March, so what about field trips, car and snacks that I didn't visit in March, how about extracurricular expenses, among parents? Actually, that's what we don't have accurate tuition fees… .]

How much kindergarten you have already paid will pay you a different entrance.

In one kindergarten, tuition is not refundable, but meal and extra fees can be returned.

[Kindergarten Officer: The current education fee is based on 180 days, but the private kindergarten (class) is more than 205 days. 25 more days. (But) In the case of specialized culture classroom, we accept as we do and calculate lunch costs to work, too… .]

However, another kindergarten refused to refund the lunch and special fees, saying, "I will use it later if I add more classes."


Then which one is right?

The cost of kindergarten is divided into tuition and other expenses.

First, the tuition fee is divided into 12 months for 1 year based on the 180-day class.

So even if you didn't attend class in March, you can fill up all the scheduled class days, so there is no refund.

The following are other expenses. Other expenses include vehicle operation, meals and special activities. The Department of Education's financial accounting rules stipulate that children should return if they do not participate.

The Department is reviewing the exact refund criteria because this rule is 'recommended' and may not be followed by kindergartens.

(Video Editing: Park Ki Deok, CG: Hong Sung Yong, Song Kyung Hye, VJ: Kim Cho Ah)