Yang Geum-hee, a candidate for the Candidate Camp in the Daegu North Pole Election District, won the Corona19 Confirmation.

Candidate Yang, the chairman of the Korea Women's Voters' Natural Federation, surpassed the current member of parliament in the nomination of the Future Integration Party's Nomination Management Committee.

The two candidates said Monday that former former lawmaker Lee Mo-hyun, who died the morning before, was found to have died after the death of Corona19.

The former lawmaker is said to have stayed for about 20 minutes at the election camp on the 5th.

He coughed and had a fever last day, and he received a negative judgment after the Corona 19 test at Buk Health Center.

He was taken to Chilgok-Kyungbuk National University Hospital on September 9th, but died about 10:49 am and later found positive on the test.

Election camp officials, including both candidates, will stop by the afternoon screening for corona 19 specimens.

The two candidates said that after the first confirmation of the Corona 19 region, they switched to a contactless campaign from the 19th of last month and that the secretary rarely came to the office.