As the corona 19 spreads, children's homes are closed all over the country, and the noise level between floor neighbors is increasing.

Recently, an internet 'Mam Café' in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, posted a complaint that the lower house was protested by the noise between floors after the spread of Corona19.

Members of the cafe said, "Since the two children were in the house because of the corona 19, the house was closed, so the lower house left a note with the noise between floors." I did.

"I think it'll be a little less if my child goes to the nursery again," he said. "I want to move to the first floor or detached house."

On the other hand, another mam café has recently been complaining about the damage caused by the noise between floors in the upper house.

A netizen said, "I understand that I can't go outside due to the corona, but I don't really understand parents who let me run from morning to sleep. I should be more careful in sensitive times." "I've had two stressful miscarriages since I moved." "I have come to the stage of seriously thinking about the complaint," he complained.

Recently, the government extended the national daycare period from the first 8 days to 22nd this month for two weeks in the aftermath of Corona19.

Kindergarten and elementary, middle, and high school schools nationwide were delayed by two weeks.

As the number of so-called 'Kokcocks' who never go out with their young children because they might be infected with Corona 19 increased, the stress caused by the noise between floors increased greatly.

According to the Inter-National Noise Neighbors Center of the Korea Environment Corporation under the Ministry of Environment today, there were 1,896 complaints about inter-noise noise disputes filed at the center in January this year, the early stage of the corona 19 outbreak.

However, last month, when the number of corona19 confirmers increased rapidly in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, the number increased by 38% compared to January.

Parents who are not allowed to leave their children in day care centers are forced to take care of their children all day, but they are forced to become floor noise.

33-year-old Kim Mo, who lives in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, said, "The second-year-old, who has just started walking, still cannot control his leg strength." I built a crying statue.

Some workers are affected by floor noise during the day, as companies that are concerned about infection are increasing the rate of telecommuting.

45-year-old Jang Mo, who lives in Namdong-gu, Incheon, said, “I am working at home even during the day due to the company's policy of working from home.” “I can't get my hands on my hammered feet.

An official of the Korea Environment Corporation said, “In winter, people spend more time indoors because of the colder weather, and there are more noises between floors than in other seasons.” "I asked.