Cohort isolation was carried out in an apartment in Daegu, home to more than 40 corona19 confirmed patients. This is the first time for an apartment. The number of corona 19 confirmed in Korea increased by 483 people yesterday (6th) to 6,767.

Reporter Jung Sung-jin reports.


Hanmaeum Apartment in Dalseo-gu, Daegu, was the first cohort to be quarantined after the spread of Corona19.

Daegu and the quarantine authorities say 46 corona19 confirmers have emerged from the same apartment, which has decided to contain the cohort.

The apartment housed in the Daegu General Welfare Center is a two-story, five-storey building, with 140 people in 137 households.

Daegu says 94 of the tenants have been identified as members of the Shinchon region.

The Cohort Containment Measures restrict access to residents of the apartment as well as outsiders.

Cohort quarantine is a quarantine measure that groups and quarantines patients who are likely to spread communicable diseases.

Qingdao Daenam Hospital Mental Ward was quarantined.

Corona19 confirmed more than 500 people yesterday, and as of 0 am today, the total number of confirmed patients in Korea was 6,767.

In Daegu, where Corona 19 was the most proliferated, 390 people were further confirmed, with over 5,000 confirmed in Daegu and more than 1,000 cumulative in Gyeongbuk.

In Gangwon-do, women in their 90s were confirmed after their death, and the death toll of Corona19 increased to 45 as men in their 70s, who were self-isolated after confirmation in Yeongcheon, Gyeongbuk, died this morning.