The bright flash of light that was seen over the Netherlands in the night from Monday to Tuesday was a meteor that shot across western Germany, reports meteorologist Marco Langbroek of the Leiden Observatory on request to on Tuesday.

The meteor was so fierce over Germany that it was filmed in Nieuwegein, among others. It is not yet known whether the space rock landed on earth and where that would be.

Various amateur astronomers have recorded the fireball on special cameras that are used to capture this kind of natural phenomenon, Langbroek explains. The camera images must currently be analyzed. "That takes a while," says the scientist.

A meteor is a rock from space that enters the Earth's atmosphere. Due to the high speed with which it shoots through the air, the space rock lights up, which can produce a bright flash of light like that above Germany. As soon as a meteor lands on earth, it is called a meteorite.



Dutch people are filming bright flash of light