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BTS fans donate over 400 million won to overcome Corona 19.

<Oh! Click> First query is 'BTS Fan' 400 million donation no less than star.

For several days, many donations have been given to Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association in the name of 'BTS, Ami', 'BTS' and 'Bulletproof'.

The donations of BTS fans gathered exceeded 425 million won by this morning.

BTS canceled the solo concert that was scheduled to be held in Seoul next month in the aftermath of Corona 19.

Fans don't want to cancel the show, but donate their tickets to Corona19 to prevent the spread.
Hope Bridge is a place where BTS member Suga donated 100 million won at the end of last month.

An official here explained that after the donation and the announcement of the BTS concert cancellation, the donation increased tremendously and the homepage was once down.

The netizens say, "It's amazing. I'm proud of that fan ~" "But the good influence that BTS and Ami showed ~ will be a model ^ ^" and responded.

(Source: Twitter somterl, miyabts1, hodeugi_0613, trubird8080)