Corona 19 Confirmation As a patient has been in Daegu for one week, there is a movement to vigorously resolve in the region.

According to Daegu Metropolitan City on the 25th, local civic groups issued a statement urging civil society to cooperate and overcome disasters.

The Daegu Participation Solidarity said, “The community solidarity is needed in the government, local governments, local politics, and civil society to overcome disasters.” I want to end the situation early, ”he said.
Social media and blogs are spreading hashtags with hashtags such as '#Gimyeo DAEGU' and '#Gimyeo Daegu · Gyeongbuk'.

The netizens posted, "Daegu becomes stronger in crisis. Cheer up Daegu!", "Give up! Daegu, Cheer up! Gyeongbuk", "Give up! Cheer up together."
In addition, comments on cheering for Daegu citizens were posted on the video on the 25th of the month when President Moon Jae-in visited Daegu.

The netizens say, "We support Daegu citizens. Let's all work together to overcome this difficulty." "Real tears. Cheer up all the people of Daegu lost their lives." And cheered with comments.
There are also photo relays for citizens to donate and help to overcome Corona19.

An Internet community has posted articles that have donated large and small amounts to medical organizations, such as "contributing to college students", "I will donate soldiers in the future," and "I donated money to go to concerts."

A nether attached a photo of his bank transfer and said, "It's a small amount of money, but I want you to cheer up."

Building owners also helped to reduce their rents in consideration of the difficulties of self-employed people.

A landlord at Daegu Seomun Market decided not to pay rents to renters for a month.

One property owner in Jung-gu decided not to pay rent when the owners closed.

Corona 19 Confirmation In some cases, we visited a store that was closed due to a patient visit and left a cheering phrase at the entrance.

Meanwhile, Daegu Metropolitan City and basic governments encouraged citizens' courage with a banner saying, “Corona 19, Daegu citizens can wisely cope with the city's main intersections.”

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