Daegu Seogu Health Center Infection Prevention Staff, who was confirmed to be coronavirus-19 (corona 19), was found to be a member of the church of Shinchonji Daegu.

The employee did not announce that he was a member of Xintian District until the quarantine notice.

I found this later in the membership list from the City of Disease Control.

The Daegu city official said that A, a health worker at the Western Health Center's Infection Prevention Team, who was revealed as an additional confirmation of Corona19 at a regular briefing on the morning of the 24th, is a member of the church at Shinchonji Daegu Church.

The city confirmed the fact that Mr. A was included in the second list of Shincheonji Daegu Church members received from Zilbon on the 20th, and made a self-containment recommendation by text and telephone.

Mr. A, who began self-containment on the 21st, contacted the health center on the first afternoon of containment and informed him that he was a member of the church.

A, who was examined on the 22nd, was confirmed the next day.

Mr. A worked normally until the quarantine notice, and no abnormalities were reported.

It was also reported that he did not attend Shinchonji Daegu Church service on September 9 and 16, when patient 31 was present.

The city is immediately self-containing and conducting a sample screening of about 50 employees who worked with Mr. A after he was confirmed as a Corona19 confirmer.

An official from Daegu said, "Maybe, A didn't have any special symptoms, so he may not have thought that he was a self-contained person."