A week ago, in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, where there were no patients until last Monday, there are now nearly 700 confirmed patients. There seems to be many people who went to or were connected to Shincheonji Daegu Church. The team leader, who was in charge of quarantine at a health center in Daegu, was confirmed yesterday (23rd) and later said that he attended Shinchonji Church.

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Daegu City received the list of members of the Shincheonji Daegu Church from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Daegu City called the members of the list to encourage self-isolation, and A, the head of the Daegu Seogu Health Center's Infection Prevention Team, was also contacted.

Daegu did not realize that Mr. A was the head of the public health center.

Mr. A told the health authorities on the first day of self-isolation that he is a member of the church.

Two days later, I was confirmed yesterday.

The health authorities first announced a super-distribution incident between Xintiandi church members and the quarantine officer did not report important information about him to the authorities for two days.

[Daegu City Officer: (A)) I don't think it's hidden on purpose. I didn't have any symptoms. .]

Mr. A is reportedly absent from the Shincheonji Daegu Church service on September 9 and 16, when 31 patients were present.

The health authorities are investigating whether Mr. A has moved from a member of the church, and has been infected by checking the status of the clinic's quarantine disinfection.

As Mr. A is confirmed, more than 50 people, including seven doctors who worked at the public health center, are self-contained and are undergoing specimen testing.

Among them, the 50-year-old housewife, the second confirmer in Ulsan, was also confirmed as a member of the Ulsan Sincheonji Church.

The patient was confirmed to have contacted 95 members of the Ulsan Sincheonji church for six days before confirmation.

(Video coverage: Lee Sang Ho TBC · Jongho Lee UBC, Video editing: Kim Joon Hee)

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